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Unconventional. Sustainable. Coffee

Conscious coffee that takes care of your health and the planet? You better believe it’s Beams.


An extra shot of health without the extra jitters. Coffee that works for you to reduce stress, boost resilience and fight fatigue.


Want only the best for your body? You’re in luck, my friend! Beams is bursting with whole, plant-based and responsibly-sourced ingredients.


Zero-waste capsules, ethical beans and tree planting are just some of the ways we make your coffee guilt-free (and even more tasty!)

Same great coffee.
Brand new flavour.

Say what? A full-bodied coffee without the caffeine. Keep your mind and body happy and healthy with stress-busting and immunity-boosting Reishi.

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Same great coffee.
Brand new flavour.

Say what? A full-bodied coffee without the caffeine. Keep your mind and body happy and healthy with stress-busting and immunity-boosting Reishi.

Shop our new Decaf

Health. Simplified. Amplified

How do we awaken the best version of you? It’s simple really. We’ve leveled up your morning coffee with natural plant-based nutrients so you can level up your mind and body.

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Curated for your lifestyle.
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What are functional mushrooms anyway?

There’s no surprise that ancient cultures have harnessed the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms for thousands of years. Beams offers a safe, easy way to incorporate superfood nutrients, antioxidants and adaptogens to your morning cup of joe.

Are we talking about magic mushrooms?

We get asked this a lot when we tell people what we have done to their coffee. These aren’t those magic mushrooms. The mushrooms we use are called adaptogens and they have been used a long time in different cultures for their health properties.

Does your product taste like mushrooms?

For normal coffee drinkers, our coffee will taste just like your specialty coffee that you would normally have. For the seasoned coffee drinker, there is a subtle exotic aroma and taste that compliments the flavor in the coffee.

What are the benefits of functional mushrooms?

There are different benefits for each kind of functional mushroom which you can see from our flavors. Functional mushrooms have been getting a lot of attention because the more we research, the more benefits we find from this all natural superfood.

Our sustainability approach

A cup of coffee only lasts a moment, but the impacts can last a lifetime. Our mission is to protect the environment, not damage it. We carefully consider where all of our ingredients and packaging comes from so future generations have the opportunity to enjoy coffee as much as we do.

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