Hey, I’m Herman, co-founder of Beams Co., and I’m going to let you in on a secret…

I didn’t always take care of my health.

In fact, it took a major health scare for me to realize just how unhealthy my life had become.

I was in my early thirties and living the life: an ambitious consultant, jet-setting into different cities, working long hours, constantly on-the-go and even in the early stages of talking to investors about my promising startup idea. There was no time to slow down and definitely no time to listen to my body.

Does this sound a little too familiar?

Are you racing through life at lightning speed, working harder than ever to achieve your goals?

Does the pressure to succeed often overtake everything else in your life, including your health?

Believe me, I’ve been there. Most days you feel like you’re running on pure adrenaline just to get everything done. Sometimes, you may not even realize just how stressed, fatigued and burnt out you are…

Until your body blindsides you with a wake-up call you can’t ignore

My wake-up call began with two words: Ventricular Arrhythmia. I was diagnosed with a heart condition that meant I had irregular heartbeats and, without treatment, my heart would have to work twice as hard to pump blood around my body.

With that news, my fast-paced life came to a complete stop. And a heart operation became imminent.

Before my surgery, my mind was plagued with endless ‘what ifs’…

What if I had looked after myself better?

What if working so hard for what I wanted caused this?

There’s nothing quite like lying in a hospital bed in your early thirties, poised to undergo heart surgery, to really make you question some of your lifestyle choices – and realize how truly helpless you are when you let your health get to this point.

But my story is not as unique as you may think.

Our lives are busier, faster and more demanding than ever before. So often, your health is forced to take a back seat while you focus all of your energy into your career or your goals.

It can be so easy to get swept up in the race to success that you simply forget to take care of yourself. Yet, how much is success really worth without your health?

How can you give your body the best support while living a busy life?

In our hectic modern lives, your body may need a little extra help to manage stress, anxiety and fatigue. And the power of plants can help give your body the best chance to overcome the tensions of daily life.

After consulting with many nutritionists and following a lot of research and advice, I began investigating functional mushrooms and using them regularly in my morning coffee. These daily coffee elixirs not only helped to slowly build my body and health back up after surgery, but also gave me more energy and clarity. I finally felt like I was working with my body.

Functional mushrooms have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties and nutritional benefits. Packed with adaptogens, antioxidants and nutrients, they have been found to help reduce stress, improve resilience, strengthen the immune system and fight fatigue.

These superpowered ‘shrooms offer an easy way to support your body and mind with the natural, plant-based nutrients they need to perform at their peak.

A small change in your morning coffee can have a big impact on your health

The great news is you don’t need to go through a massive life overhaul to start reclaiming your health and wellbeing. In fact, it can be as simple as making your morning coffee.

But who has the time to whip up a 10-ingredient superfood coffee elixir every morning? Your life is busy enough, right?

Beams is all about helping you make healthier choices without the hassle.

Our coffee pods are jampacked with plant-based goodness, such as Cordyceps for increased energy, Lions Mane for mental clarity, Tremella to promote skin health and Reishi to help soothe stress and strengthen your immunity.

Think of it as your very own super-charged coffee elixir in one easy-to-use pod – no visit to the nutritionist or getting lost in your local health food store required!

With Beams, you can get your caffeine kick AND give your body the benefit of antioxidants, adaptogens and nutrients. It’s the easiest, most life-altering habit you can start to support your health each day.

Want to discover the power of plants in Beams coffee?

Check out each of our signature coffee elixirs: MIND, ENERGY, BEAUTY and IMMUNITY.


We provide coffee drinkers who want to achieve more in the morning and afternoon, with Eco-conscious mushroom coffee elixirs, packed with health boosters and plant energy to help them become the person they love to be.

Herman Wong

Herman Wong

Co-founder of Beams Co.

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